0 to 3 viewers on Twitch! Yo bro! You need an audience. | Ambitious Gamer

0 to 3 viewers on Twitch! Yo bro! You need an audience.

0 to 3 viewers on Twitch! Yo bro! You need an audience.

New Streamer Orientation is now in session

By: SDArchAngel

One of the first hurdles a new streamer encounters is that damn viewer count.

The views mannnnn.  Who’s coming, who’s here? Oh that’s right — nobody.  Let me provide commentary for nobody. And try to be entertaining by myself.  Queue the world’s smallest violin. This hurdle is extremely hard to overcome for most streamers, but that’s why this site is here.  Oh my God praise the Lord Sweet Baby Jesus! Cause Help is finally on the way.

Twitch or YouTube Streaming does not come with a new hire orientation program.  You will not be sitting in front of a TV strapped on to a wheeled cart with a VCR tape of grade “A” acting to give you inspiration and direction.  You will however, be taking a proverbial strap-on in the form of do-it-yourself to a whole new level.  It’s kind of like being a newb in PUBG and dropping out of the plane for the first time kind of excitement.  You spend hours (36.08) running around collecting stuff for the stream, organizing OBS Studio or StreamLabOBS (cheap affiliate plug for $$) to perfection , setting up all your alerts collecting ammo, bandages, your rifle, load that bad boy up and of course forget to turn on automatic in search for that elusive chicken dinner and all the excitement builds up and BANG.  Dead.

WTF!  It hit me straight in the junk!  This game is bullshit!

But that’s reality son.   That’s what streaming is all about man.. It’s about the journey.  All of that time, all of the collection and energy spent for that? That’s your hurdle.  Are you going to keep trying for the chicken dinner or give up?  Not to blow my own whistle here, but I did manage to get to #2 in one of these games, and it did feel pretty fantastic.  But enough of that.  In this post I am going to try my best to provide an orientation if you will.  A collection of research that hopefully, if applied correctly can be a boost you need to overcome the hurdle.  Momentum.

You need to gain some momentum.

You can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.  On Twitch, that’s partially true as well.  There are some people (like this guy) who were literally killing themselves for viewers, for their audience and their dreams.  And I read that article, and it bothered me. It struck a chord within me.  It was so unbelievably sad to read. If you haven’t read it, take a minute to check it out.  Some streamers have actually died resorting to un-safe measures to gain momentum such as 24-hour marathon streams.

Starting off on Twitch or YouTube is like having a backpack full of stuff you have no idea how to really use yet.  Information is scattered and everybody has an opinion.  YouTube comments are riddled with stuff like this (See below), and often posted on someone else’s channel who claims to have answers you are looking for.  That’s what brought them there to begin with!

This is a very common scenario for a ton of people.

This is your on-boarding.  This is your do-it-yourself orientation really.  Learning from people who have been successful before you.  Most of the advice offered in these types of videos is eye-rolling at best, because it seems so obvious the first time you hear it. However, the break-through advice I was able to take something away from was a video that had a saying that was simply to “Be the Streamer You Would Want to Watch!”, which is fantastic advice.  It is a fantastic strategy to set yourself up success. And props to that guy for putting that little golden nugget out there for everybody.  It does little however though, to tackle or address some of the real challenges new streamers face.

The answer to this hurdle and momentum lies in Networking.  Growth. Leveraging social media.  Friends.  Family.  Colleagues.  Self-Promotion.  And as I say this stuff, you should start to get the tingly feels and be like holy shit yeah he’s right, he’s on to something.  BUT HOWWWWWW.  Well, this site for one.  Two, you need to start to utilize social media and it’s powers and capabilities.  You need to literally study Twitter and Instagram and Facebook or whatever other social network you use and learn what works, what communities already exist and are out there right now that you’re not aware of? Who can you connect with and talk to -really- who can help you? Not necessarily look for a hand-out but solicit the kind of feedback that also gives them the feels and tingly’s.

You there, alone in your stream, did you realize you are not actually alone?This group is a humungous untapped, scattered resource of people just like you who are also trying to overcome their own hurdles.  We are more powerful together than we are alone.  Together we can solve these challenges. Engage with these communities and leverage them. Just some example twitter communities involve @SupStreamers @twitchraid @TwitchSharer @TwitchReTweets@TwitchTVOnline and @Vued_Retweets.  Throw your name in to the hat over at followtrain.tv , use websites like TwitchStrike and see what games have a better potential for you to capture viewers or hey, fork up some dough and pay to be featured on their front page.  (Hmm……………….)  Make a YouTube channel and begin exporting your Twitch Stream highlights and share those.  What’s fun about you? Show me the highlight.

Like THIS Bro! My First Sub and Bits excitement! By the way, feel free to go to my channel and smash that sub button. ;D Did I mention it’s FREE With Amazon prime?

What else, what else we got up in here in this bag of equipment for new-hire orientation?

You need to have some damn friends.  People that will come out and support you in your endeavors.  Include them in on your streams.  Showcase and play some games with them.  PROMOTE them. The whole “I got mine” mentality is such a huge backfire on Twitch.  It promotes isolationism.  Other people’s success is your potential success.  They may have viewers who will come and check you out and support you when you go live or while they are not online. It’s all part of the same damn big pie and you dont need the whole pizza for yourself.  Share it with people.  Everybody loves pizza.

I am doing this from the ground up as well.  This whole site and concept is built around the struggles and trying to help people.  Im not in it for myself.  I am not some expert successful authority on this subject I am not holier-than-thou I am humble and eager and excited to overcome the hurdles laid out before me and make new friends and have a good time doing what I love, which is gaming.  A blessing and a curse.  (No pun intended there but shout-out to curse gaming , no doubtttt) I have friends that are also working from the ground up.  I have people who I have inspired to get in to streaming.  And it’s all exciting stuff to me.  I want them to be successful.  You as a streamer should want that for your fellow streamers as well.  This goes for you reading this also, point me in the right direction.  Who can I connect with or showcase on here? Point me in the right direction. Let’s talk.

Here’s what else you can do right now.

Clean up your channel.
Work on graphics and feel out your audience-experience.
Use StreamLabs and tools available to you and give creative thought to making your stream more enjoyable.
Record yourself commentating over some dinner or cooking something and see if you’re entertaining or easy to watch or if you suck.  Discover what you need to work on.
Spend time in other streams and cheer at what you like.  Tell the streamer why you appreciate them.  Take time to give back. What goes around comes around. All I ask is that maybe you share this post, or sub, or follow and I will hit you back.  Share it with others. Let’s spread the word let’s get this site out there and in the open.  Let’s work on it and improve things around here as well and make the site more enjoyable and more fun to navigate.  Let’s come up with ideas that will showcase our streams here and start some discussions in the forums. You know web development? Get at me and let’s be business partners. Let’s connect.
Start Tweeting!
Fill those damn tweets up with eye catching moji’s a whole mess of that shit.  Like and engage with other’s tweets about what you like and don’t.  Stop living in your little bubble and get dirty.
Create a realistic streaming schedule and stick to it. Hold yourself accountable.  Tell your viewers and audience an hour in advance before you go live in a moji filled tweet.  Give them a reason to show up.  Apologize for cancellations and talk about future plans, share your goals with them — Put it on your stream! THESE ARE MY GOALS! HALLP.
Actively look for some Discord communities to hop in to every once in a while and hang out in.

Try different games that may or may not engage your audience and have a better market for you to capture.

Duplicate what works and discard what doesn’t.  Oh my God the true Golden Nugget.

Don’t Stop Believing.

Hurdles exist for you to overcome them.  Not to discourage you from participation.  I do hope you took something useful from this that’s something a little bit better crafted than the “Be the streamer you want!”, or if any of it made you smile or laugh or gave you some good feels.  That’s what I’m all about.  If not, then hopefully I can keep trying and get better at this.

I hope you enjoyed your new-hire orientation.  Best of luck to you……… and may God have mercy on your soul.

– Mike

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(not to be confused with twitch.tvcart)

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