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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim:Enderal (Part 1) – A Nice Day In Summer

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim:Enderal (Part 1) – A Nice Day In Summer

Skyrim_Enderal**Warning Spoilers**

This is a full conversion mod for The Elder Scrolls V, it uses the Skyrim engine but makes an entirely new game. The mod can be downloaded here at


Three years ago there were seven Arcanists who ruled over mankind for 4,ooo years. They united lands and were eventually worshiped as Gods by the people and were called the Lightborn, but the longer they reigned, mankind became restless and accused them of tyranny. Eventually a rebellion rose up and was lead by Navarnil Arenthium. Navarnil lead an army against the Lightborn and killed them. This act has set something unknown to us in motion.This is the world we step into when we awake in the game.

My Progress

This is the progression of my first 25 minutes of playing. I started off in a grove with a quest to find my father. After looking around and checking out the scenery I managed to make my way to the house on the hill where my father is cutting wood. After a brief conversation I go inside looking for my mother. When I am informed by my father that I killed her and my sister. I then awake from the dream on a ship. Apparently Sirius and I have illegally boarded a ship in order to escape a war in Nehrim, which is our homeland. Sirius and I end up getting into a scuffle with two of the ships crewmen, and tie them up in the hopes that the ship will dock soon so we can make our exit without being detected. A veiled woman appears to us and we are knocked unconscious. I awake again on the deck of the ship with my friend Sirius at the mercy of the ships captain Rocio who kills Sirius and dumps me in the water with his dead body. I awake once again in an alternate realm where there are standing stones that have skills on them. Once I leave that plain of existence I am teleported to a shore where I start my new journey.



In conclusion,  my initial time played I would have to say the mod is very solid. The story line seems well thought out and the voice acting is superb. I like the possibility of having a reputation system similar to Fallout as it makes your decisions have meaning. The cinematic scenes are also very well put together and leave me wanting to learn more of what happened to my family, did I kill them? Who were the Lightborn and what is this mysterious event that was set in motion upon their death? I guess I will have to keep playing to find out.

There are four races to choose from and they all appear to be hybrids of Skyrim’s vanilla races. The first is a Half Aeterna which looks like a High Elf, next there is a Half Kile’nian which looks like a Breton, the Half Qyranian looks like a Redgard and the Half Arazealean looks like an Imperial. The character customization is just like the vanilla games customization. There also appears to be a reputation system in place as Sirius did not like one of the choices I made. This could lead to some interesting outcomes and boost the replay-ability of this mod. There also seems to be no health regeneration in this mod which will also add weight to our in-game decisions.


If you enjoyed the narrative of the game play I am also recording the play through and it can be viewed below.

See you next time in Enderal

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  • Raiven
    Aug 21, 2016 @ 23:47 pm

    Nice, makes me want to give it a go!

    • DigitalEulogy
      Aug 22, 2016 @ 0:18 am

      Thanks Rai’ven! The only downside is if you already have Skyrim modded you will need to create another profile in your mod manager. This is because Enderal needs to be installed on the vanilla version of Skyrim.

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