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For Honor Alpha Review

For Honor Alpha Review


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Game Modes in the alpha:


This is your classic 1v1 arena style combat. You take on another player and spawn in a different arena each round.  In a duel you are unable to use any Feats only your quick wits and the environment.You are able to use the environment to your advantage such as burning carts, wall spikes and ledges. To win the match you must win three rounds. By pushing enemies into these objects they will take take damage or even die if they fall from a high enough ledge.


This game mode is exactly like a duel except it is 2v2. You and a teammate take on two opponents and after each round won you will spawn in a different arena. In Brawl mode you are unable to use any Feats. To win the match you must win three rounds.


In this game mode you earn points by killing enemies and controlling flag points. Each map has 3 points, 2 control zones and a front. When you first spawn in the front is guarded by soldiers that help you hold that point. There are also enemy soldiers who will try and capture these points so be aware when your soldiers are losing ground and clear out the enemy foot soldiers. Whenever enemy soldiers enter the control point the zone is considered contested and you do not gain any bonuses until they are cleared out. Staying in a captured zone helps your team gain points over time as well as allows you or your allies to heal as long as it is not contested. The team that reaches 1000 points causes the opposing team to enter Break Mode. The team that is Breaking is unable to re-spawn and if they are all killed the match is over. If the Breaking team can rally and secure enough points by controlling zones and killing enemy players then their teammates will regain the ability to re-spawn and continue on. Zone points are stolen when the other team captures the point. In this mode map awareness is key you are can view which flags your team has by looking in the upper right had corner where the scored points are displayed.


Players have the opportunity to play as 6 different warriors including Kensei, Orochi, Warden and Raider – plus two brand-new warriors – Conqueror and Berserker. Each one of them is equipped with a unique set of skills, weapons, armor and fighting style as well as a wide library of customization options. The Closed Alpha  also gives players the first look at the progression system as they unlock new feats and weapons and gain rewards following their success on the battlefield. The For Honor team recently released spotlight videos of each of the playable heroes in the Closed Alpha which can be viewed below.


The Warden

The Orochi

The Beserker

The Raider

The Kensei

The Conqueror

I found the game to be very unique and the AI has been done extremely well. Enemy AI will actively pursue you and your teammates as well as seek out there downed allies and revive them. I found that to be a nice mechanic as it requires you to constantly be aware of all the enemies around you as opposed to just killing the enemy and running to the next point. For Honor requires you to focus on being defensive as much as being offensive.The combat was responsive and the executions were satisfying, there is nothing better than decapitating a beserker as you capture a point. I played as all the classes and did not feel as though one was more powerful than the other. Balance seems to be very well thought out and makes this game very fun and interesting to play. Maps are just the right size for 4v4 matches and they give you just enough room to flank the enemy or battle them head on. The graphics and optimization are done well. I played this on a GTX 780 on high settings and did not have any issues with performance or crashes.  Learning to block and attack takes a little getting used to but I also play exclusively with keyboard and mouse, this would most likely be easier to play with a controller. All in all I feel this is a solid game and look forward to playing this on release.

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