Ambitious Gamer is a Platform for Building a Following. | Ambitious Gamer

Ambitious Gamer is a Platform for Building a Following.

Ambitious Gamer is a Platform for Building a Following.

YouTube and Twitch are both platforms for streaming games and sharing content.  Ambitious Gamer is a platform for building a -following-.  A community.

New streamers need to get off the ground.  They need a place to connect, grow, post and network.  It is this site’s intentions to provide just that. We will constantly work to bring new features to make sharing and connecting with each other more enjoyable and fun while continuing to look for innovative ways to connect these gamers to each other and help them to build a following.  To help them be successful doing what they love.  Which is streamin, gaming, bringing us all joy , with content and hope that we too can do it for ourselves.

As the site admin, I am always open for ideas, suggestions, and concerns in regards to this goal.

I am eager and willing to work hard to make this the best hangout we can.

I am excited and ready to try new things to get us off the ground.

If you feel you can contribute, please utilize the site forums or contact me directly at to communicate with me.  I will always lend an ear or try to help the best I can.

I also wanted to share with everybody that I have recently become a Twitch Affiliate!  Which is really exciting stuff.  As I work more and more towards the coveted partner status, now is the time to get a following going.  I intend to demonstrate this site’s power and capabilities during this affiliate program to the best of my abilities, so that you can witness and see how it can help you to grow a following and become successful all along the way as well.

I will provide blog updates and topics from time to time to check in and continue to blog the whole experience as we go.  I hope you come along for the ride.

There’s been a lot done on the Twitch side of things to help people as well that I intend to showcase and share in the upcoming days.

Streaming is becoming more and more possible every day.  But we’re not quite there yet.  Here’s to getting there.

Cheers everybody


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